“I’ll never forget my grandma’s boiled custard with orange zest,” said chef and restauranteur Becky Satterfield as she reminisced over Sunday afternoons when she was a child. “She had them ready for Sunday dinner and I would be so excited I couldn’t help but open the fridge over and over to have a peek. I can still see them poured into their bright orange glasses, waiting in rows like little soldiers!”

A native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Becky grew up helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen, learning as a little girl that meals are an essential part of family life. Her grandmother taught her that good meals start before the kitchen, in gardens and fields, carefully tended to by loving stewards of the land. Out in the country, fresh ingredients were all around: fruit from the orchards and meat and dairy from the cows.

“Everything was made from scratch!” Becky exclaimed while recalling her grandmother’s penchant for cooking from memory without a recipe in sight.

Her mother and grandmother taught her early on that mealtime was an occasion for togetherness and bonding. More than cooking and eating, sitting down for dinner is a time to catch up with loved ones and cherish the company of family.

By the time she was 11 years old, Satterfield had learned how to prepare an entire meal on her own. Her mother, who worked at the community bank at the time, put her in charge of Friday night supper. Becky fondly recounts those nights she welcomed her mother home from work with the savory scents of pot roast, rice, cornbread and greens, wafting through the air. (Lemon icebox pie awaited the family for dessert.)

After working in the legal and financial fields in Houston, Satterfield returned to Alabama with her husband and daughter. Becky decided to add to her home-grown culinary education by studying pastry arts at Culinard. She began to cater parties for friends and neighbors and the rest is history: Satterfield’s opened in 2005 and has been one of Birmingham’s favorite dining destinations ever since.

Memories like these are the foundation of Satterfield’s Restaurant: bringing together fine dining, wholesome fixings with a new twist, and the comfort of the family dinner table.